Inauguration Message from President
Department of Orthopedics and Rheumatology, Nara Hospital, Kinki University Faculty of Medicine Satoshi Soen

December 2015

I was elected as the new president at the board of directors meeting on the final day of the 17th Annual Meeting of Japan Osteoporosis Society. As I assume the heavy responsibility of president of this rapidly growing society, with the number of members having exceeded 4,000, I asked Professor Toshitsugu Sugimoto of Internal Medicine I in the Shimane University Faculty of Medicine, whom I always ask for advice on various matters, to assume the role of vice president. I ask for your cooperation in making efforts for the further development of this society with Dr. Sugimoto, the directors and the inspectors.

The outstanding leadership of Dr. Hiroaki Ohta, the former president, and Dr. Masataka Shiraki, the former vice president, changed the Japan Osteoporosis Society to a general incorporated association and achieved the successive establishment of the Osteoporosis Liaison Service, the certified specialist-doctor system, the young researcher fostering project, the Osteoporosis Examination Committee, and so on, which was accompanied by a massive increase in the number of members. Succession and improvement of these projects will be the primary and most important issues. In particular, many problems exist in relation to the Osteoporosis Liaison Service, including the specific activities of those who acquired qualification as Osteoporosis Managers, linkage of their activities to actual osteoporosis treatment or collaboration of their activities with medical examination, and smooth introduction and continuation of osteoporosis treatment after a fracture. A path was already provided at the board of directors meeting before I was elected president to launch the osteoporosis treatment system preparatory committee and examine these problems. I will construct the system as soon as possible after the examination at the preparatory committee.

The editorial board members and the publisher of our journal were changed, with a new journal name, volume, and number. Members of the editorial board are striving to enrich the journal. Thank you for your cooperation.

Many committees were established as the society grew and its activities expanded, but I will organize their roles and consider integrating them if possible.

The Japan Osteoporosis Society is aimed at a single disease. However, osteoporosis is strongly associated with many other diseases and their treatments, and cooperation with multiple professions is essential for treating it, including eventual fractures. I would appreciate the support of physicians, dentists, and various medical staff members in the operation of this society.